Something the "make the women's basketball tournament more like the men's" forgot
(too old to reply)
2021-10-08 23:05:17 UTC
I was just in Vegas, where three of the larger sportsbook groups - Caesar's, William Hill, and Circa - have their odds out for who is going to win the NCAA men's basketball championship (right now, all three have Gonzaga as considerable favorites) However, odds on teams winning the women's basketball championship are nowhere to be found. It's not just a question of "nobody bets on women's basketball" as WNBA odds are offered by all three.

I mainly bring this up because the NCAA seems to be serious about this idea of having both Final Fours in the same city at the same weekend each year, although some cooler heads have prevailed. First, the NCAA will not take away any already awarded sites, so it can't happen before 2027, and second, word is that even if they do agree to hold them in the same city, they would be in different arenas.
Michael Falkner
2021-10-09 22:14:23 UTC
I don't think it matters anyway.

The more women's sports are being exposed as jack-off material for the men who finance them (which see the NWSL and the admission, now, that sexual harassment and the like was not only woven into the entirety of the league, but ignored so the league could succeed), the more we will basically find we are better off without them.

Won't be with a Democrat in the Presidency, but Title IX is not long for this Earth.